School Support

Education is vital for social development, and is the basis of innovation. Print-Rite continuously supports the education in poverty and remote area in Mainland China, to help those children to have the same education opportunity as other places.

In the last 15 years, Print-Rite has donated to build 54 primary schools in the poverty and remote area. These schools are well equipped with teaching equipment and have high level of teaching staff. Up to today, over 20,000 children were benefited from this.

Some students are qualified to enter universities, but they may not able to pay full of the school fee. Print-Rite establishes a charity fund to financially support these students to enter universities. Over 800 students have been benefited from this.

New technology can accelerate the spread of knowledge. Print-Rite brings 3D printing to remote schools by donating 3D printers and filament, and giving free training to them. Students not only know the new 3D technology, but also further develop their knowledge in STEM with the help of 3D printing.