Print-Rite Vision

Print-Rite is a pioneer in the aftermarket consumables industry with 40 years of manufacturing and selling experience. We offer over 10,000 models for Inkjet, Laser and Ribbon Printers and Copiers, and has recently diversified further into new product lines like 3D printing and digital printing. We are at the forefront of innovation with strong capability in R&D and a portfolio of over 3,000 registered patents as of 2020.

After decades of strong and rapid growth, the consumables industry is entering a new era of price wars. As a pioneer in the industry, Print-Rite believes that the price war is not a necessary step in the development direction of the consumables industry. The consumables industry has emerged to provide consumers with more choices, and do not want to see companies engaging in vicious competition on the basis of low prices. Some enterprises sacrifice product quality and even try to infringe in order to undercut prices and maximize profits. Print-Rite perceives that price wars not only harm the profits of the consumables industry, but ultimately hurting the benefits of customers and consumers.

Under legal and reasonable circumstances, providing customers and consumers with more and better consumable choices is the right direction for the consumables industry to head in. Therefore, Print-Rite believes that respecting the original consumable patents and focusing on product quality can add value to the industry and help enterprises stand out in some other way than price.

While growing and expanding their business, companies also need to clarify their social responsibilities, promote sustainable development, and build a better future together with customers. Today’s consumers increasingly expect brands to have not just functional benefits but a social purpose, and they naturally want a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Print-Rite believes that consumables companies need to capitalize on their innovations and technologies to develop consumable products that go beyond current regulatory standards for sustainability, so that customers and consumers can rest assured to buy and use our consumable and office products.

Adhering to above beliefs, Print-Rite values ​​the following:

  • Respect for IP
  • Attention to human health and environmental protection
  • Focus on product and service quality

To achieve these values, Print-Rite leverages the following capabilities:

  • Strong R & D and patent team
  • Rigorous production management and testing process
  • Excellent service team

Through these capabilities, Print-Rite provides customers with the following products and services:

  • Patent safe products
  • Products certified for safety and environmental protection
  • High-quality products
  • Prompt and comprehensive customer service