Environmentally Friendly

The call for saving the environment is much louder than before, and are demanded by the printing consumable market. Print-Rite is committed to ensuring the sustainability of the environment. We work with trustful raw material suppliers and check the substances carefully before the production. Print-Rite products have passed various tests such as REACH and RoHS, which prove that our printing consumable products contain no hazard substances. 

We strictly manage and monitor our production line, to avoid any hazard substance to enter into our manufacturing process. We are certified by the IECQ QC080000 Certificate of Conformity: Hazardous Substance Process Management, meaning that we have minimized or eliminated hazardous substances according to both global directives and customer-specific requirements.

We launch environmental friendly consumable products to the market, such as:

  • Bio-base toner cartridge is the first compatible toner cartridge in the market that using bio-base material for both toner and cartridge. This printing consumable product can degrade in the environment much faster than the plastic made toner cartridge.
  • No-waste toner cartridge can return the wasted toner inside the cartridge back to the chamber and use again. This ensure the toner are fully used, not being wasted and go to the landfill directly.

And more innovative printing consumable products are coming, to help bringing the market and the printing consumable industry to be more friendly to the environment.