Corporate Culture

Print-Rite keens on establishing and enhancing corporate culture. The culture help building up a positive personal value of our employees, increasing the bonding among the staff, and creating a harmony working atmosphere. These are the keys for our sustainable growth in the competitive market.

Print-Rite believes employees are the most important assets of the corporate. We encourage self improvement and life-long learning by arranging free trainings and workshops to our employees. These trainings cover various topics, from basic work skills to high level strategic planning.

Print-Rite also encourage employees to participate in sport events. We have gym room in our main office building. And we arranges various sport trainings and competitions, such as basketball, badminton, table tennis, etc. throughout the year. These improve our employees’ health and develop team spirit.

Print-Rite holds the annual Cultural Festival for 20 years. It is an icon of Print-Rite, and well-known by the local community. The event brings all of our employees together to present our corporate core value to public, and unite both new and existing staff to strengthen our relationship and shared values.