3D Printing

CoLiDo was established by Print-Rite to continually develop cost-effective industrial and desktop 3D printers, as well as filament and accessories for professional, commercial and home use.

CoLiDo was created to satisfy untapped, potential customers who desire for user-friendly, well-performed, yet cost-effective, 3D printers and filaments, with varied choices and high compatibility.

To address diverse customer needs, whether it’s a startup business, a creative production studio, an educational institution, or a large industrial enterprise, CoLiDo laboratories conduct rigorous research putting great emphasis on visualizing high quality 3D prototypes in real time and within budget plans.

Besides 3D printing products, Print-Rite operates the 3D Innovation Center in Zhuhai, China to provide high standard 3D printing and consultancy service. The Center also works as a incubation center to encourage and support new startup business by offering financial aid, business and technical advise. The Startups enjoy the environment in the Center and achieve a rapid growth in their target markets.